About Tai Foong

All natural, high-quality seafood above industry standards

Tai Foong USA is a leading supplier of frozen seafood and Asian cuisine to retail and foodservice operators in North America. Founded in 1958, Tai Foong has been producing and importing high quality food products into North America since 1977. The company is committed to supplying customers with the finest, highest quality seafood products in the world. Tai Foong is devoted to consistent excellence in craftsmanship, quality of product, service, and be socially and environmentally responsible. Tai Foong USA has been built on the distinctive competencies of superior quality and superior innovation.

Global Effort And Expertise

At Tai Foong USA, we venture across the world to serve our customers with a constant and consistent supply through our brands: Northern Chef, Royal Asia, and Northern King. We offer a wide variety of products to satisfy retail and foodservice needs. Fresh seafood is quick frozen, ensuring lasting freshness and uncompromised flavor in every serving. We are a privately held, family and minority owned company based in Seattle, Washington.


Our Journey Timeline


Founded in Hong Kong by Ming Wui Lam

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Tai Foong International (sister company independently operated) is incorporated in Toronto, Canada.



Tai Foong USA founded in Seattle, Washington



Royal Asia established to offer easy to prepare Asian cuisine

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First to bring Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified sustainable shrimp to market

certified sustainable seafood


Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) started for the Magdalena Bay shrimp fishery in Mexico with SFP

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Tai Foong’s Commitment to Sustainability

At Tai Foong USA, the sustainability of our ocean resources is important. Sustainability has become an integral part of how Tai Foong thinks and operates. Tai Foong USA is becoming a leader in working to reduce our impact on the environment and making sure that our seafood comes from reputable sources that are responsibly harvested.


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Fisheries improvement project for Magdalena bay

A fishery improvement project uses the power of the private sector to address challenges in a fishery. As the number of FIPs around the world has grown rapidly, businesses and conservation organizations need an easier way to access consistent, reliable information about FIP progress.

FisheryProgress.org gives you a range of information about global FIPs from a quick snapshot of progress and opportunities to get involved to detailed evidence for improvements.